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Demo Site   

SitePipe is a product, not a project

SitePipe implementations typically only take a 1 or 2 weeks, not months. In fact, you should be able to start viewing your inventory online and taking test orders in as little as one day! The steps to “going live” are simple and straightforward:

  • Set up a dedicated workstation on your LAN with network access to your accounting data and WAN access to the Internet

  • Install the SitePipe gateway

  • Link SitePipe to your accounting system

  • Flag items in inventory to be “web sellable”

  • Assign customer passwords

  • Work with us to design your eCommerce template

  • Decide on a URL for your eCommerce site and make the necessary DNS changes

  • Launch your web site!

Remember, SitePipe is a product, not a project!

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