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SitePipe technology and requirements

A Web site powered by SitePipe is completely driven by your accounting system. Orders and inventory information are transferred in real-time between accounting and the Web site. SitePipe is a secure client application that is designed to run on a dedicated Windows workstation or server and manages the communications between your hosted website and your accounting data.

Currently, SitePipe links with the following accounting systems:

  • ACCPAC Pro Series
  • ACCPAC VisionPoint
  • IAS Visual Advance
  • Cougar Mountain CMS Professional

SitePipe responds to incoming data requests from your website and returns the requested data in real-time over a secure connection. The power of this architecture is flexibility - while your website code runs on your remote web server, the real-time data is served up from your SitePipe workstation. So there are no data synchronization hassles, no HTML pages to design, no web servers to upkeep. You get the best of both worlds: off-site hosting and real-time data integration.

Most businesses either can't afford, or are not comfortable with, installing, configuring and maintaining their own in-house Web server. Data Fabrication's SitePipe application eliminates the need to hire a webmaster and support staff because it's simple to install, and easy to configure.

SitePipe Workstation requirements

  • Dedicated Windows workstation or server with LAN Access to the accounting data files
  • TCP/IP network protocol
  • Public WAN Internet access via DSL, T1 or Cable
  • Static IP Address

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