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Affordable real-time eCommerce for accounting systems

If you're looking for a way to extend your business operations to the Internet, SitePipe offers turnkey, industrial-strength, real-time solutions, utilizing industry-standard technology, unparalleled reliability and secure data access that will make your eBusiness initiatives succeed. We'll build your site from the ground up, emphasizing tight integration between your website and your accounting system so you can achieve a level of business efficiency that will cut costs, boost revenues and streamline your transactions.

Use the links at the left to explore our site to learn more about how our SitePipe solutions can help you implement your eBusiness on time and on budget:

  • The How It Works section includes a diagram and system requirements for our revolutionary SitePipe application, which allows you to easily create and maintain a cutting edge Website that is linked in real-time to your accounting system, all running from a single workstation on your LAN.
  • The Pricing section contains more information about our turn-key real-time solutions and related pricing
  • The Reseller section outlines the SitePipe reseller program.
  • The Demo Site section demonstrates a real-time shopping cart application linked to ACCPAC Pro Series, using our SitePipe technology. The web site is making real-time data requests over the internet! The web server is running at a secure facility in Virgina and the accounting data resides at our offices in Illinois.
  • The Deployment Guide section explains in step-wise fashion how your SitePipe web site goes from concept to reality, in record time.

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